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Because there is little history about the Brittnepoo, checking the parent breed can provide vital information to the character and nature of the new hybrid. Both parent dogs – the Poodle and the Brittany Spaniel – have a history of hunting and retrieving in their blood. It would be fair to say that the Brittanydoodle has inherited the hunting instinct from these dogs. The Brittany was named after the French province of Brittany. The exact origin of the Brittany is shrouded in mystery to this day, but it is known that in the 1850’s English gentry travelled to Brittany to hunt woodcock, taking with them their well trained Pointers, English, Irish, Gordon and Llewellyn Setters. The Brittany is one of the most popular dogs for bird hunting. It was first shown in France in 1896 and was first recognised by both the American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club in 1934. The Poodle originated in Germany but developed into its own distinctive breed in France. There are several suggestions about its ancestry, but whichever is right, it is an old breed. The French used the larger Standard Poodle for duck hunting, the Poodle to sniff out truffles in the woods, while the main job of the Toy Poodle was to serve as a companion. The Poodle often travelled with Gypsies who discovered it was excellent to train as a circus dog. It is not known for sure when the Poodle arrived in the United States of America, but the AKC registered their first Poodle in 1886. Poodles were fairly rare in the United States until after World War ll. By the mid-1950s it had become the most popular breed in the country which was a position it held for more than 20 years. The Brittanydoodle seems set to carry on the popular lines of these dogs and is making a place for itself in dog owners hearts. Info source:

Temperament: These dogs have a good medium energy and will happily join you in a walk or a game. When you are walking the dog, keep them on a leash as they may wander off following their noses, leaving you behind. They are intelligent dogs who learn quickly, and they respect a strong leader. These dogs need mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep them happy and healthy. The Brittanydoodle is an affectionate dog yet can be independent which provides a balance and they are easy to care for and are good-natured dogs. Their enthusiasm to go for a walk or have a game will bring a smile to your face, as they just love life. You will find that the Brittanydoodle gets along quite well with most other dogs because of the Brittany's sweet and gentle influence, however, proper socialization must still continue once the puppy is in your home as you would with any breed. A puppy can be socialized with other older dogs that have already had their vaccinations, and later socialized with other puppies once they have had their second vaccination.
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Trainability: The Brittanydoodle is a dog that wants to please and has a sensitive side to its nature. When training this breed, use firm but kind language, and reward achievements with lavish praise and small treats. The Brittany and Brittanydoodle respond well to positive reinforcement with both verbal praise and treat rewards. As with any dog, consistency is key to all training, but the Brittanydoodle has definitely proven to be a fast and enthusiastic learner!

Traits: Brittanydoodle are typically a quiet breed like the Brittany, although, they can inherit the "watch-dog" tendencies of the Poodle.  The Brittany is usually only vocal during play-time where they will vocalize their excitement. And the Poodle is known for alerting their owners to a strange sound or someone at the door.  With the combined traits of the Brittany and the Poodle, the Brittanydoodle is commonly a quiet dog in their daily routines, however, you can expect them to alert you to something happening around your home. The good thing about the Brittanydoodle mixture is that with the Brittany's influence of being quieter and their desire to please, this trait is usually at the forefront, and if your Brittanydoodle does inherit more of a vocal side from the Poodle, they are easily trained to "hush" with positive reinforcement. The Standard Poodle by nature is far less vocal than the Toy Poodle that is known for it's yappy tendencies. The Brittanydoodle is sweet, sensitive, and care-free and is a breed that will enjoy participating (on some level) in whatever activity you love, simply because they love you! They love a good daily walk or run, but are also happy with a simple active game with the family in the backyard -- a walk or run isn't always required if they have a good-sized fenced yard. They love to retrieve a ball, splash about in water, or take the challenge for an obstacle course. The Brittanydoodle is a highly intelligent dog who loves a mental challenge. If you have a fenced yard, they will keep themselves happy with one eye on you to see what you are up to, because they are people dogs and love to be part of the family scene. While they can be kept in an apartment, they do need to be exercised daily to make that successful. These dogs enjoy being walked 2-3 times per day if you don't have a fenced yard space for them to romp!
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The Brittany Doodle Story

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