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Adopting a Bow Creek Poodle Mix Puppy

What You Can Expect When Adopting a Brittany Spoodle-Brittany Poodle Mix, or Bernedoodle From Bow Creek Kennels 
See Brittany Spoodle puppies for sale and Bernedoodles puppies for sale

Purchasing adorable puppies is a dream that we all may have. Adopting a happy, healthy Brittany Poodle Cross or Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle mix puppy is a much more specific dream for those who choose Bow Creek Kennels!

Bow Creek Kennels is a full service family business that prides themselves on providing high quality poodle cross puppies. Brittany Poodle cross puppies and Bernedoodles are born into an engaging, socialized, and healthy environment.  Based out of Kensington, KS, Bow Creek Kennels seeks to offer puppy adoptions that every family is looking for.

Adopting a Brittany Poodle mix or a Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle cross? What should you expect from our process?

First off, Bow Creek Kennels understands that adding a dog to the household is a commitment not to be taken lightly. Dogs are our best friends, much loved members of our families and they deserve the same unconditional love and care that they offer to us. Bow Creek Kennels raises their Brittany Poodle mix and bernedoodle puppies in a professional, safe environment where care, health and comfort are all equally prioritized for the puppies and their parent dogs. Check out some of our puppy videos to see puppies enjoying life on the farm in Kensington, Kansas . 

When adopting from Bow Creek Kennels, you can expect the following approach to your adoption.


  1. Extensive Records — Each Brittany Poodle mix adoption comes with a health guarantee, a puppy contract, and a full health history with all vaccinations.

  2. Highest Quality — Every available Bow Creek poodle cross puppy, Brittany Spoodle or Bernedoodle is of the highest breeding quality. All Bow Creek Brittany Doodles and Berndoodles are first generation, F1 puppies, which have optimal hypoallergenic character traits. 

  3. Adopt Your Way — For families that want to pick up their chosen puppy in-person, Bow Creek Kennels is happy to hold a puppy with a deposit in place. Individuals that can't adopt in person can explore ground delivery methods available through Bow Creek Kennels. We currently have bow creek puppies all over the US and couldn't be prouder. 

  4. Limited Availability — Bow Creek Kennels doesn't just raise puppies, they raise high quality, healthy, happy puppies. Take a chance to look over the available Brittany Spoodle puppies and available Bernedoodle puppies sections to get a detailed look at the current litters.  Complete the puppy application, place a deposit, and Bow Creek Kennels will guide you in the selection process to adopt the puppy that is just right for your family. 

  5. A Friend For Life — With our midwest values, once a member of the "Bow Creek Family", always a member! Find us on social media, Instagram and Facebook, and follow our litters to watch them grow.  Should you need us at anytime just reach out. We aren't going anywhere. 

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