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Bow Creek Kennels Health Guarantee/Purchase Contract



Every puppy that from Bow Creek comes with the same health guarantee and Bow Creek is the owner and retains the right to sell the puppy.  Each puppy comes from healthy parents.


Each puppy is available to go to his or her new home after 8 weeks of age. 


They will come up to date on vaccinations and de-worming. They can have their rabies vaccination after 12 weeks of age in which the new owner will be responsible for.


We encourage you to have your new puppy examined by your vet within 72 hours of purchase.  If the puppy is not examined within 72 hours of purchase by a vet the guarantee will be void.  In all cases, all veterinarian bills are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  


Bow Creek Kennels takes all measures to prevent parasites and communicable diseases through a rigorous deworming/vaccination schedule.  We do not cover Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Coccidia, 

Giardia, or other parasites within the health guarantee.


There is a two-year health guarantee to the original buyer from date of birth against hereditary/genetic defects that would cause the dog to die.  Bow Creek Kennels must be notified with 24 hours and provided with written confirmation from a licensed veterinarian diagnosing the puppy with a genetic/hereditary defect. The records must show that all necessary vaccinations (four vaccinations, monthly deworming, and yearly vaccinations) were given between the time of birth and the time of diagnosis of the genetic defect. Bow Creek will give the buyer another puppy of equal value when an available puppy is 8 weeks of age. A monetary refund will not be issued.     


Other conditions not covered under the health guarantee are any type of cancer, improper bite and umbilical hernias.   


The responsibility of the buyer is to take excellent care of the puppy and provide all the necessary food and medical care needed.  In all cases, all veterinarian bills are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 


Neglect/Abuse Notice:  Health issues caused by environmental factors such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, trauma, abuse, and general neglect are not covered under the health guarantee.  This purchase guarantee immediately becomes null and void in the event that evidence of neglect or abuse of any kind on behalf of purchaser is present at any time during the aforementioned purchase guarantee period.

 Bow Creek Kennels will always take a puppy back if the buyer is not able to take care of the puppy.  Please contact Bow Creek and we will be happy to help you.  There will be no refund given including shipping costs.  

Concerning breeding rights only, if a monetary refund is decided upon by Bow Creek, the refund will be issued to the buyer within 90 days.  If the buyer has not purchased breeding rights, there will be a spay/neuter agreement included in the final contract. 


Puppy’s name:__________________________________


Date of Birth:_____________________

Breed: __________________________

Purchase Price:___________________

Signed:  Bow Creek Kennels__________________________________  Date:  _____________


Signed:  Purchaser__________________________________________  Date:  _____________

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