Bow Creek Puppy Dads

Our Miniature Poodle

Bob is a 13 pound Tricolor Miniature Poodle.  He is CKC registered and health tested. He recently joined our Bow Creek family and has quickly become one of the family.  His stunning tricolor markings and loving, goofy, yet very loyal personality make him an excellent stud for our program. 

Our Standard Poodle

Prophet is a 47 pound tricolor Standard Poodle.  He is AKC registered and health tested.  We are excited for him to become a long standing part of the Bow Creek breeding program.  Prophet loves to be by your side and really has the sweetest, loving disposition which has made him a favorite here at Bow Creek!  

Our Standard Poodle

Oakley is a 40 pound INTENSE RED parti Standard Poodle. He is AKC registered and health tested. Oakley has the sweetest personality and loves scratches and cuddles.

He is such a good boy and a really pretty boy at that!  We are super excited to have Oakley join our breeding program!   

Our Standard Poodle

Charlie is our sable tricolor parti Standard Poodle.  He is AKC registered and health tested.  Charlie has found his place at Bow Creek and he has won us over!  He is a big hearted, loyal, fun loving guy that jumps at the chance to have a good wrestling match with Oakley.  They are truly best friends! 

Our Standard Poodle

Hiro is an AKC registered, fully health tested  INTENSE RED tricolor Standard Poodle. He is well mannered with a great temperament. We are super excited to have him join our program.