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Bow Creek Kennels
Guardian Home Program & Application
Members of our Standard Bernedoodle, Mini & Micro Bernedoodle, Brittany Spoodle Family


What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a family who can provide a loving, caring home for a happy, healthy, high quality puppy with no upfront cost.  In other words, the puppy is free to them.  The guardian home agrees contractually to care for the puppy physically & financially through its entire life while the breeder, Bow Creek Kennels, retains legal ownership and breeding rights.  Through a cooperative effort, the dog will come back to the breeder temporarily when needed for breeding, whelping/stud purposes.  Bow Creek will be responsible for all costs related to breeding. When the dog is no longer needed or able to be used for breeding purposes, they will be spayed/neutered at no cost to the family and the legal ownership will be transferred to the guardian home for the life of the dog.

Picture at Bow Creek Kennels Family With Bow Creek Doodle Puppy


Why we use a guardian home?

Placing a puppy in a guardian home is a win-win for everyone involved-family, puppy, and breeder. First, the family will receive a "pick of the litter" breeding stock quality puppy that normally would be on the high end of the price scale for no upfront cost to them.  It allows them a wonderful opportunity that they might not otherwise be able to have.  The guardian home will also be compensated for each litter if they home a female dog.  This is given as a thank you for the time that the mama will have to be away from their home while whelping the litter. Secondly, the puppy will have the best life possible and get the love and attention they need and deserve from puppyhood through adulthood. Thirdly, the breeder can continue their program knowing the puppy is living its best life and without continuously adding to their personal “dog family".  


What is the process to become a Guardian Home? 

1. Read minimum requirements below. 

2. If your family qualifies, click on Guardian Home Application button below and fill out application.

3. We will contact you within 48 hours or you can call/text Blane at 7854768555. 


Minimum Requirements:

  • must live with 100 miles of Bow Creek Kennels (Kensington, KS) unless otherwise agreed upon

  • must be able to communicate openly and frequently by phone (call/text)

  • must be willing and able to continue training and socialization of the puppy 

  • must be able to transport puppy to and from Bow Creek, to veterinarian, and to possible training classes. 

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