Maggie is our Bernese Mountain Dog and is AKC registered. Maggie is the "watchdog" of our family and ensures all is well and safe. Maggie is very proud, loyal and caring. We are not sure what we would do without Maggie.


Our Bernese Mountain Dogs:



Macie is a very special AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog to Bow Creek because we raised her from a pup.  She stole our hearts!  Macie is a smaller bernese female with a BIG personality. Macie has an excellent temperament and is incredibly loving also very loyal. We are incredibly blessed to have her in our family. 


Pella is a Tri-Colored French Brittany. She is AKC and UKC registered. Pella is spunky with loads of energy which is very characteristic of the breed. Pella has exceptional markings of rust, black and white and is smaller in stature all making her one of our most stunning dogs. Pella also has strong hunting instincts and has great drive in the field.  She is fun, loving and an all around good natured dog that we have fallen in love with. 


Our Brittanys:


Cali is a Tri-Colored French Brittany that is AKC and UKC registered.  Cali LOVES to hunt!  Cali has strong retrieving capabilities and is STRONG in the field. Cali is also dependable, loyal and sweet which makes her a family favorite. We are big fans of Cali!


Star is a black and white, AKC registered French Brittany and exhibits all the desirable characteristics of a Brittany. Star is a pretty girl and has an excellent temperament.  Star is VERY loving, gentle and kind hearted. Star craves & loves companionship be it by your side or on your lap. Star does great in the field and is MORE than capable of putting a bird in the bag. 



Ruby is an AKC registered, orange and white American Brittany.  Ruby is casually referred to as the "mom to all" around here. She loves everyone and is so dependable. A leader amongst our dog family Ruby shows us daily just how caring and exceptional she is. She loves being a mom and raises her puppies with patience, love & grace. 


Lily is our liver and white, AKC registered American Brittany.  Lily has a nice hunting pedigree and loves working in the field. Her coloring is STUNNING and personality as sweet as can be. We are very blessed to have her amongst our family and she is certainly loved. 



Roxie is one of our orange and white, AKC registered American Brittanys. Roxie has the softest, sweetest personality that echoes her mommy skills. Roxie is a gentle soul, smaller in stature with beautiful markings. We love HER and she loves US back!


Hope is one of our newest AKC registered, orange & white, American Brittanys. Hope is a mid-sized Brittany with excellent hunting skills. She is making her way in the field and is a quick learner. She has a nice, calm temperament and listens well. Hope adjusts well to indoor & outdoor activities and & has been a great addition to our family. 



Sophie is an orange & white, AKC registered Brittanys.  She is the largest of our Brittanys and is an excellent hunter. Hunting skills run deep in Sophie's blood and she loves to be out there! We are excited to have Sophie here at BCK.  


Dolly is an AKC registered, liver & white Brittany.  She is a new member to the Bow Creek family and we are getting real attached! Dolly has a "let's run & play" personality and loves a game of chase!  Such a lighthearted spirit, but adjusts so well to the field and getting the job done.  Dolly has an excellent temperament and energy about her. 



Annie is an AKC registered, orange & white Brittany.  She has a nice confirmation and represents the Brittany well.  She has a mild energy level which makes her enjoyable to be with.  Her hunting abilities are ever improving along with her training. 


Ruby Anne is a liver & white AKC registered Brittany.  She has many traits that make her stand out.  Her build is exceptional which allows her to break big. cover when bird hunting.  In addition, her coat is soft & thick.  You can't  truly appreciate her until you have seen her in person. 


Jill is an orange & white Brittany and she is AKC registered.  She is one of our smaller dogs in stature but you wouldn't know it while in the field.  Jill loves people and is naturally submissive and loves to have her belly rubbed. She also has an intense orange coloring which makes for a beautiful coat.